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[Apr] Designated as a 3’rd party of Samsung Electronics and LG Innotek Attract SVIC(Samsung Electronics Venture Investment Company) investment ($300,000)

[May] Attract NIPA(National IT Industry Promotion Agency) loan funding ($800,000)

[May] Obtain order of RTLS(real Time Location System) system for KRA(Korea Racing Authority) using UWB(Ultra Wide Band) technology.

[Jul] ODM contract for Neckband and Potable Speaker

[Aug] Registered as a Venture Business company by KIBO (Korea Technology Finance Corporation) Attract KIBO loan funding($300,000)

[Oct] Registration of KT(Korea Telecom) GIGA IoT Alliance Obtain order of IoT BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) Dongle for KT

[Nov] ODM contract of LED Lighting Device Bulb Scanner for SKT

[Jan] Market release for BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) module

[Feb] Business launch for IoT communication module

[Apr] Market release for Wi-Fi stand alone module - I&C Technology ODM(Model name : WFM50-SH201)

[May] Market release for Bluetooth module (For Wireless Speaker and Wireless Woofer) 

[Jun] Module Vendor Contract for Broadcom

[Jul] National project contract for wireless charger module (Tx PAD, Rx module)

[Aug] Mass production Line setup

[Oct] ODM contract of LED Mesh Beacon of Lighting Device for SKT

[Jan] ODM contract of RF receiver for Samsung Electronics

[Feb] Market release for wireless charger receiver module

[Apr] Module Vendor Contract for CSR(Qualcomm)

[May] Market release for Bluetooth module (BT Rom Type using CSR8645 for Audio)

[Dec] Market release for BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) module (CSR1010, very small size)

[May] Market release for Bluetooth module (BT multi-media Type using BC5MM)

[Oct] Market release of GPS LNA small module for Samsung Electronics

[Dec] Market release for Battery all in one wireless charger module (WPC)

[Mar] Market release for Dual band Bluetooth/Wi-Fi combo module

[Jun] Market release of ultra small type T-DMB module for Samsung Electronics

[Jan] Established DEVICEDESIGN. CO., LTD

[Apr] Contract for module production with Ampak in Taiwan

[Jun] Established in-house research center, assured by KOITA(Korea Industrial Technology Association)

[Dec] Certified as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for Quality & Environmental Policy